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What is Gut Genie?

Gut Genie is a program that unlocks your personal genetic code, matching your unique DNA with specific diet and exercise recommendations designed to complement what is right for you, and only you. We hold the belief that each of us is unique and should not be following cookie-cutter dieting advice. Rather, your optimal health already exists and, through our program, we access your health potential through the synergy of genetic science and inner wisdom. We offer special testing to map out your body's preferences, plus one-on-one consultation to guide you along the way.


Our mission...

is rooted in empowering our clients to access their deepest health potential by knowing and loving their unique selves. We understand that one size does not fit all and that our personal nutrition and exercise needs cannot be met by the latest and greatest diet trend. If you're a grape, be a grape. If you're an asparagus, be an asparagus. Be and love who you are. But first - know who you are. Our mantra: Stop downloading diet information from the outside, and start paying attention to the unique, one-and-only you on the inside.

The more access you have to your unique individuality, the more potential you have to be well, vibrant, alive and healthy!


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Our Formula

consists of unlocking your genetic code to reveal the types of food, exercise and, possibly, supplements that best suit you. Through state-of-the-art genetic testing, coupled with one-on-one consultation with Holly or Sally, nutritionists passionate about empowering your full self, you can finally access your true health potential.


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Our 3 Simple Steps

Test. Discover. Engage.
1. Take a simple genetic test. 2. Discover what your DNA says about you. Discover the simplicity and complexity of your body. Discover who you really are. 3. Engage with Holly or Sally about how to implement your personalized program, and other life mastery tips, into everyday life.